To choose specifically for this breed is step 1, de second one is :
what type would you like ? Puff or hairless ? What shape, a cobby
, or a deer type ? Does the puff need to have a long showcoat, and
the hairless, how much bodyhair is it allowed to have ? To browse
through the various variations of the breed , go to the database
and see what kind of form your crestie should have .
When you know what kind of crestie you want , you can start
looking for a suitable breeder . In my opinion , a suitable breeder
is :
- always breeding with pedigrees that are from the FCI, AKC ,
KENNELCLUB or another legal dog organisation
- has at least once tested the eyes ( CERF ) , knees ( patella ) and
can show you copies of the results
- owns the mother dog and can show her to you
- always will take back a pup they bred if for some reason you
can't keep it any longer
- always provides you with information if you have any
questions regarding your pup.

How is the breeder treating the dogs ? Is there plenty of time for
them, how much litters are there present , are those the only
litters this year , how are the dogs kept ? And how are the dogs
responding to the breeder ? Are they all happy when they are
seeing him / her , does the breeder know everything about all the
individual dogs ?
If you are purchasing a powderpuff , please consider the
following : even when little, a powderpuff is a fluffy , hairy dog
with hair everywhere , but when extremely young (2/3 weeks
max. ) that fluffy bundle CAN also be an extremely hairy
hairless !!! A honest breeder will tell you this . A puff needs to
be covered fully in hair , there a no dogs  that "hover"
between a puff and a hairless, if you get a dog in your hand
and the breeder claims to don't know yet whether it's a puff or
a hl or the "puff" has spots with thinner hair , it's a hl ! Puffs
are often the cheaper variety of the breed , but must not under
any circomstance be advertised as boomers , because they
are not , they are a valued member of the chinese crested
breed and not a mix !
If you are looking for a hairless, then watch the amount of
hair. A puppy can be born true hairless, but become over the
weeks quite hairy and vice versa . Always ask the breeder if
you can see the pup unshaven so you can see how much
body hair there is .
Places to avoid buying a chinese crested :
Petshop : pups are often the product of millers , they are not
socialised, do not have a pedigree and are of ill.
Puppymill : are often a living hell for the parent dogs, are
selling pups that don't come with a pedigree and often are to
young to sell, ill and not socialised.
People that sell pups without a pedigree ( and CERF test) :
You have chosen for a BREED , help keep that breed intact
and orderly by choosing a puppy with pedigree, they are NOT
more expensive then without a ped. , and you know what you
buy by seeing who the parents and grandparents are .
people who breed multiple breeds ( more then 4 ) : When one
is breeding pedigree dogs , you have to know everything
there is about the breed and it consumes a large part of your
time, therefore it is nearly impossible to have the know-how
about 2 , or let alone 4 breeds ! And you must also wonder
how well people know their dogs of they have a lot of chinese
cresteds , is there enough time for every dog individually ?
And if there are many dogs and next to that pups as well , how
much time is there for all ? Socializing pups takes a great deal
of time and is very important in the crestie breed , but the older
dogs at the breeders don't need to be neglected for that !
Teacups : Never ever buy a so called teacup dog , they are
often overprised and bitches are bred with serious health
issue of being to small to produce , let alone the damage your
pup has due to all the problems he has being for to small .
Luckily the breed isn't that popular in Holland to have
a need for a rescue group, however  in other
countries there are.... If you would like to actually
adopt a chinese crested rescue , please click on the
link of the german "nackthunde in not" the other links
will in most cases not ship to the Netherlands , but  
money donations are always welcome !
Nackthunde in Not
Chinese Crested Rescue U.K.
Hopes Haven