The powderpuff is the fully coated version of the chinese crested. Coated
means the ENTIRE body covered with hair ! When left unshaven, the
powderpuff even has a long moustache . The puff should have an average long
coat , the showpuffs have a slightly longer coat. In rare cases puff pups are
born with wire or curly coats .

It isnt hard work to keep the puff clean : a daily brush and a monthly bath with
a good shampoo makes the puff look good. The typical clipped muzzle / neck
/ears are to be trimmed with a special dogtrimmer once a week to keep it
looking good. A showpuff needs a little extra care : next to the daily brush a
weekly bath and for example once a month an oil-hairmask to keep the hair in
top condition. The patern of the trimmed muzzle is from the point of the eye to
the lowest point of the ear and then in a point to the adamsapple or if you want
the v a little deeper to the breastbone . There are variations to trim but this is an
average point of view.

The puff should have full dentition that needs to be cared for and a regular
nailclipping. It is advisable to put some sunlotion on the trimmed areas of the
puff in the summer.
The hairless variety has different stages of hairlessness over the entire body : the
True Hairless , where almost the entire body is hairless except for the crest, paws
and tail ( and on those points the hair is most of the time sparse) , the Medium
Hairless, has next to the crest/paws/tail also some hairy patches on its body ( for
examle the spine) , and the Hairy Hairless, this variety has more hair then the
medium on his body , and also a thick crest , flashy socks and a long plume on its
tail. The hairy can in unshaven state look like a puff, and only a closer look can be
identified as a hairless. All varietys have hair (more or less) on their face .

When acquiring a hairless, dont make the mistake to think that because of its
hairlessness it is easy to groom ! Think of pimples , blackheads and other skin
diseases. Washing the dog, ( sometimes) a scrub, and special creams for the
dogskin sometimes help, but if you have a dog that has bad skin of itself it is hard
to getting rid of these skintroubles. A good diet will help as well . Chinese cresteds
are prone to allergies from stuff that is thrown in cheap food , so making sure that
you have good quality food is important !

Also alot of grooming is required to keep the ( especially the medium and hairy)
hairless looking like the dogs on the pictures in books or in the showring.If you
dont shave you most likely get a dog that has patches of long hair on its body.For
the shaving you need a good dogtrimmer ( or a beardtrimmer) , a shaver ( like a
mach3 from gilette). and offcourse razorcream.Some people use shaving cream,
but i didnt have  good experience with shaving creams on Odin. In the Dutch
showring the muzzle has to be without hair.

suntan lotion is needed in the summer . Especially pink dogs or light spots on the
crestie need a good suntan lotion with a high factor !
The erect ears on the chinese crested are in most cases not given to them at
birth . Hairless showdogs do have to have erect ears , while showpuffs, only in
the United States require erect ears.

To get the ears erect , the pups get help to manipulate cartilage in the ear by
taping the ears up. This is done by pressing a peace of foam on the inside and
some papertape to let the ears stand . Some dogs only have the tape a week
before the ears stand , while others can walk with the tape for a year . This
depends on how heavy the hair on the ears are and teething. powderpuffs with
erect ears are often shaved because of the hair weight.