The chinese crested has a basic character of
being aloof to strangers and having a strong bond
with it's owner/family, but next to that you have all
kinds of variety in the breed .

Powderpuffs are often soft and gentle natured,
while the hl variety is more naughty and in for a
prank !
Socialising has to start at the home of the breeder ,
who has to take the pup places, let it meet new
people and dogs, news sounds and sights .
Character can be inherit too , or a combination of
inheritance and surroundings , so it's important to
look at the dogs of the breeder and how they interact
with you as a visitor , but don't be alarmed if they
rather sit with the breeder then with you, remember
that they can be aloof ! A crestie however should
never bite or attack you ! If a dog in the breeders
house shows any signs of extreme tenseness , ask
about that and why the dog behaves that way. Also
be aware of the over enthusiastic dog , it is fun for a
while to have such an over active dog in your
presence , but will it lie down eventually or are you
stuck with a dog that drives you nuts with it 's never
ending activness ?
It is also important to know in advance if you want to
have a crestie for a specific goal , do you want to show
or agility ? Obedience training , or just a pet ?
Character of the parents and socialising that the
breeder does is important in these cases
If you get your pup at home , you yourselve need to          
(continue) to train your pup at least at these points :
Housetraining : it often proofed that it is very difficult to
comprehend for a crestie that number 1 and 2 need to be
done outside and not indoors .
Being home alone : cresties tend to be very attached to
be very attached to their owners , and therefore have
sometimes a very difficult time being left alone . It is
important that you learn your crestie from the start that it
is alright to be alone for a few hours . With this said, i
think it's being clear that a chinese crested is not a dog
for someone who is gone for most of the day.
Grooming :  brushing for the puff and shaving for the
hairless are necessities and must be accustomed to on a
young age , if you have trouble grooming your pup , let
the breeder help you or go to a good groomer to help
your pup getting used to it .
Cresties are  very adaptable , they like long walks , play
in the yard, but also like to go shopping with you or
have a long snooze on the couch !