Opinions about clothes for chinese cresteds differ very much so this on this
page i give you my opinion ! I think clothes are absolutely necessary during  
wintertime ,  to protect the vital organs against the cold .

Odin doesn't like cold weather at all ( cold means here everything except hot
summer weather) , and if the little prince is cold he gets to wear clothes, he
always apreciates that . Clothes mean a warm fleece suit with 4 long legs in
the winter ( sometimes with a coat on top of the suit ) outdors, and a sweater
and a pyjama inside . in the fall and spring a dogcoat ( or shirt) without legs,
and offcourse when it rains both percy and odin wear raingear !

Nowadays you can buy clothes for your crestie in every shape and size, but
in my opinion winterclothes must be functional ( a pink tanktop with glitters
doesn't keep the cold away in the snow). And clothes for your dog you can
buy everywhere, from internet to babyclothes for humans in the local
supermarket . The best and cheapest is to know someone who is good in
making clothes ! If you buy from the internet , be aware that shipping cost
can be very high !!!

In the picture below some examples of the clothes that are in the boys their
wardrobe , prizes are between free of charge and 75 US dollars . quite a prize
range , but all clothes are well made !