The words hairy hairless ( hh) you find also in the care section
and on Odins page . HH means the most hairy on the hairless
side of the chinese crested family, but how do they look when
not groomed to perfection for a show ? Most people fall in
love at shows and on pictures of the hh. It's flying mane tale
and socks make it very atrractive , and people most of the
time realise too late that this gorgeous crested needs more
grooming then only suntan lotion in the summer.....
Nonetheless, the hairy hairless is as much a hairless crested as
the true hairless !
The following pics are from 3 hairy hairless pets , Tychee
Bonnie and Tiki , and i want to thank their owner cathy  for
letting me use pics of her sweethearts !
* hh's can even have more hair then these 3 !