True hairless - realy naked , for some the ultimate chinese
crested. But what does it look like up close when it is not
groomed for a show ? Because on a true sparse body hair can
occur too , which is removed for a show , and the moustache
they most of the time have is not seen on european shows , so
yet again the imge you see in the ring is not the image the dog is
at home . Below are a couple of pictures of our Canadian friend
Noid , who doesn't get a shave and this is all the hair he has ! If
you are considering a true hairless keep in mind that a dog with a
naked body and the plumes of a hairy hairless is very, very rare
, and it is not likely a breeder will offer such a dog for sale .
Offcourse there are true with even less hair then Noid , but he is
a good everage example !
Noid before his annual shave